Life In Balance Yoga
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129 Broadway, Hanover Pa 17331
[email protected]
Established in 2008

 Healing Therapies

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We offer cutting edge therapies here at Life In Balance Yoga. Click above to request an appoitment time or choose to contact them directly! All payment for services will be collected by your practioner /coach at time of services rendered. Yoga gift cards not accepted.

If your appointment request is with in 48 hours, please contact the practioner through email or text to ensure quicker communication. Click on links below for contact info! 

More info on Leslie's Offerings
More on Kara's Offerings
More on Kelly's Offerings
More on Tanya's Offerings 
More Barb's Offerings 
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Massage Therapy w/ Kara

Skin Moisturizing & Exfoliation 60 Min -$45 
Therapeutic Massage 30 Min-  $35
Therapeutic Massage 60 Min-$65
Divine Subtle Energy Healing 30 Min- $25
Divine Subtle Energy Healing 60 Min-$50
Hot Stone Massage 60 Min- $70
Prenatal Massage 60 Min -$60
Infant Massage Instruction 60 Min-$50
Pediatric Massage 30 Min - $25
Adolescent Massage 45 Min- $40

Massage Therapy w/ Leslie
Therapeutic Massage 30 Min- $35
Therapeutic Massage 60 Min- $60
Therapeutic massage 90 Min- $80

​​Energy Healing with Kelly​​
Reiki with Crystals-60 min $60
Releasing of Energetic Cords-60 min $65
Crystal Mandala Healing Session-30 min $45 or 60 min $60

Healing and Reflexology with Tanya

Reflexology 60 min $60.00 or 30 min $35.00
Hot Stone Reflexology- 60min  $70.00
Tibetan Reflex Therapy 60 min $60 or 30 min $35.00
Reiki 60 min $60 or 30 min- $35.00

Acuptuncture with Barb 

$ 120 for an initial visit
 $75 (or $80 using electrical stimulation) per visit.

255 York St Hanover Pa 17331 [email protected]