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Reiki with Crystals-
Enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of Reiki enhanced with the magic of the crystals. Healing stones will be intuitively chosen and placed on and around your body while you relax on the massage table. Then you will receive Reiki, which is life force energy. This energy allows your body, mind and spirit to do whatever healing that is needed. Your body is the one doing the healing, Kelly acts as a channel for the healing light to flow through. The Reiki experience is generally very relaxing. Some people see visions or have inspired thoughts or feelings that come to them during a session.
$60/ 1 hour

Releasing of Energetic Cords:
This session is the same as the 'Reiki with Crystals' session listed above with the addition of a guided cord releasing practice. Kelly will guide you with her words to let go of the energetic cords that can get attached to you from people, places and events from your past. Releasing these cords can make you feel lighter and more free. 
$65/ 1 hour

Crystal Mandala Healing Session: 
Crystal Mandalas are powerful tools for intention setting. The session begins with you talking a little bit about your goals and intentions. Next you and Kelly will create a crystal mandala together using stones that will aid you in achieving your chosen goals. Then you will sit or lie down while Kelly sends Reiki to you and the mandala.
I also offer these sessions for couples so you and your partner can come together and set intentions for your relationship.
$40/ 30 minutes
$60/ 1 hour

About Kelly

Kelly is a certified Reiki Master and Crystal Healer. Much of her work is based around the healing energy of crystals. She enjoys sharing that energy with others through workshops, one on one sessions, healing stone jewelry and crystal mandala energy work.

Kelly has been practicing professionally since 2012. She had a small healing center in California, worked at yoga center in Phoenix and practiced healing work at metaphysical fairs around the country.
Now she is here in Hanover to share her passion for healing with you. Kelly has crystals and jewelry for sale in Winding Willow Studio in the front of the yoga studio. She also has an online crystal and jewelry business called Kelly Belle Crystals. She loves nature, music, animals and spending time with friends and family.
255 York St Hanover Pa 17331