Life In Balance Yoga
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129 Broadway, Hanover Pa 17331
[email protected]
Established in 2008

Care's Offerings 
To book your appointment directly with Care;
Call / text (717)521.7038
[email protected]

Appointments  will be available soon!
*relaxation massage
A soothing experience for the body, mind & senses.
Light, gliding Swedish massage strokes flow with healing intention towards the heart. Circulation is enhanced resulting in enhanced immunity & radiance.
This massage calms the nervous system & softens tension held within the muscles. Therapeutic grade oils of vanilla, sweet coconut & lavender may be added to elevate the massage.
$60 hour session
$30 ½ hour session

​*prenatal massage
Rose, sweet almond oil & camomile are used during this gentle massage for mother-to-be.
Light Swedish massage soothes expanding tissues while calming oils balance stress, hydrate the skin & nurture the mind.
The clients feet are bathed pre-massage in rose water, encouraging circulation, providing comfort from swelling, & promoting a sense of connectedness.
Each pregnancy is unique therefore a discussion with your OBGYN is recommended. Prenatal massage is a safe addition to a woman’s wellness regimen during her 2nd & 3rd trimesters. Approval from physician is required.
​$60 one hour session
*wellness massage
A co-creative massage designed by both the client & practitioner. Areas of specificity are discussed where relief is desired from tension & pain. To accomplish this goal Swedish & deep pressure massage techniques are combined.
Shatavari joint & muscle oil is used during this massage to increase circulation, detoxify, and reduce muscle soreness.
This Ayurvedic oil is blended with ginger, eucalyptus & camphor. Arthritic joint pain may also find relief within this massage.
$70 hour session
$35 ½ hour session
A Reiki session is an invitation to stillness & peace. While the client rests in the comfort of the massage table, botanicals are applied to pulse points.
Light touch then assists in opening of the “heart” & ease of the spirit. Reiki is an effective Japanese technique of stress reduction, guiding life force into balance.
$50 hour session
$30 ½ hour session.

About Care

Hello! I am honored to work amongst the talented people here at Life In Balance Yoga. A little about myself… 
I live locally in Hanover with my husband & our two children. Their boundless love is my inspiration. 
Originally, I am from Northern California. My hometown of Auburn is where I cultivated my appreciation for natural beauty, wellness, & massage. I achieved my Associates Degree in Art & Literature from Sierra College. 
In pursuit of my passion for massage therapy, I enrolled at the Baltimore School of Massage & proudly graduated in 2008. I completed the intensive 637 hour curriculum of the Professional Massage Training Program. I am a member of the American Massage Therapy Association & my licensure is acknowledged by the state of Pennsylvania.
Food is my second love. I also work as a private chef cooking naturally nutritious meals for my clients. 
My teacher once shared with me a simple quote that I found filled with humility & I would like to share this with you… 

“A moment of self compassion can change your entire day.” ~Eckhart Tolle 

Adorn yourself with a string of such moments. You will beautify the course of your life, 
Care Wacker LMT

255 York St Hanover Pa 17331 [email protected]